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Spirituality Definition

Here are some spirituality definitions to inspire thought on the subject. Which one is most in line with your current beliefs?

Spirituality Definition #1

That which is in spirit.

It's a description you're likely to find in a dictionary, religious doctrine, or even on this site, but what does it really mean? Some sources may tell us that spirituality is a direct connection to God or your higher self. Others may point to a more superficial meaning; For example, the astral plane (as experienced by individuals who have had out-of-body experiences, also known as astral projections). Although they're less vague and offer slightly more insight into the true nature of the word... in reality, it remains just that - a word. It's my belief that spirituality can only be fully understood from the perspective of someone who's walked the path, seeking enlightenment at all costs.

Spirituality Definition #2

Hidden inner knowledge brought about by suffering.

Gnosis (or Gnosticism) delves deeply into the study of spirituality, and is an entire subject in itself. The Gnostic Gospels (detailing the words and secret teachings of Jesus Christ [taught only to his closest disciples], most of which were NOT included in the Bible as we know it today) popularized the term upon being unearthed within the past 120 years or so. They were proclaimed as being heretic (meaning cult-like) by the early Catholic church.

Modern Gnosis has gone on to accept the original messages of each major religion (stemming from each religion's prophets) as being one and the same. The interpretation of the texts, however, depends greatly on the person reading them... and it is not easy, to say the least. One verse, for example, can be pondered upon for days, months, or even years.

Wars have been fought in the name of God which, although perhaps necessary for our evolution as a collective, is sad because the spiritual masters within each sect we're all proclaiming the same thing (and, therefore, their respective denomination can be deemed equal to that of the others at the root). And it's only through personal struggles one goes through, and the intentional pursuit of what you can't see with your eyes, that this inner knowledge becomes revealed. It should also be noted that the Bible's New Testament does contain many of the same truths, however watered down they have become.

Spirituality Definition #3

The constant battle between good and evil.

Just as there exist good and bad people in the physical world... there also exist good and bad entities in the spiritual world. Being righteous, correct, and good, however, is a return to the divine (or enlightenment) and is the final stage of spirituality. Love thy neighbor as thyself (as preached in the Jewish Kabbalah, whereby is also referred to as bestowal) is God's main characteristic, and can only be achieved through the shedding of your ego (which is opposite in form). Although we each experience glimpses of both, generally speaking, one cannot live while the other is present.

The sensation of confusion, sadness, anxiety, and depression (among other negative feelings) is a direct result of the conflict between the two. The inner knowledge (or light) as described above guides us on our path, and accepting that we are also made up of evil elements (which we must overcome) is how it is revealed to us. Ultimately, what we should all strive for is the desire to give without wanting anything in return. Peace of mind and true understanding of the spirituality definition lies there.


As you can see, there are many different levels to the spirituality definition. As you move forward, it changes... until finally the vale is removed from in front of your eyes, and you have reached what very few others have reached. I've yet to attain this point, but I work towards it every single day of my life. It's painful, and lonely at times, but the end result (as promised to us, the ones with good intentions), is constant bliss.

I'd like to conclude by saying that spirituality chooses you, and not the other way around. And only when you begin to feel a calling to pursue something that can't be perceived through your physical senses, will the decision to follow that instinct be in your hands. People (or souls, rather) travel through several lifetimes, saying "No!" to this inner calling, until they're ready to move forward along the spiritual path. From that point, how fast one advances depends solely on the individual in question, but always keep in mind that everyone has the potential to be in the light, as it is everyone's ultimate destiny.