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Natural Bodybuilding Information and Tools

Natural Bodybuilding, in my mind, is without a doubt the most difficult sport. It takes discipline, patience, perseverance, and the will to overcome countless obstacles, including tons of negative criticism & self-doubt. This is an extreme, cult sport, stricken with stigmas ranging from drugs, to macho attitudes, to homosexuality, to detrimental health (ironically), and the list goes on and on.

Although athletes such as myself hope it will one day be recognized in the mainstream, currently, in the public's eye, bodybuilders are seen as superficial beings... concerned only about the way they look. This is very far from the truth, as most bodybuilders are very intelligent, spiritual introverts focused on bettering every aspect of their own life as well as the lives of others. It's a tight-knit community filled with good people with good intentions, and the will to win.

This section offers complete natural bodybuilding information, along with tools to help you advance. I couldn't make a website on fitness and not dedicate a part of it to the sport of bodybuilding. For those of you who have not been interested in competing in the past, you may reconsider after reading through this section.

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