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Spirituality has become such a vaguely used term that its original meaning has somewhat evaded modern understanding of the word. I would define it as that which is in spirit, and not in the physical. Many who consider themselves to be connected to the source, and who are, more often than not will be persecuted by the average person... therefore persecuted by society in general - I'm mentioning this right off the bat, simply because I want you to know that this type of reaction is perfectly normal.

The articles that make up this section of MF will shed light on the various levels of spirituality. They'll also provide answers to the many questions that may come up in your own mind with regards to the benefits of becoming an awakened being, and the ultimate purpose behind it.

In my eyes, spirituality is very much about lifting the illusion we've been presented with in life, through conditioning received since our physical birth. The actual truth can only be uncovered by individuals who seek the truth. It can't be told, and therefore taught, and so understanding it (let alone believing it) is near impossible. It's a knowledge from within that can only be brought about through years of searching and suffering.

It's worth noting that the suffering should never be self-inflicted. In fact, the intention of overcoming your personal struggles is a key element in understanding who you really are, where you came from, what your potential is, and why pursuing your biggest dream is crucial to revealing your deeper purpose in life. My goal is to serve as a guide, and perhaps even an example you could relate to, but nothing more.

This section has nothing (or at least, extremely little) to do with ghosts or paranormal activity, but there will be reference to that which is above and beyond human nature. In so many words, it's to help you in your quest towards reaching enlightenment.

At this point, you may be wondering what in the world I'm talking about, and I can empathize with you... as I've been introduced to mystical-sounding sayings in the past and shunned away from them as though they were something insignificant. All I could say is that although now may not be the right time for you to review these articles, keep an open mind to the possibility that you may want to know more on the subject later on. They'll still be here in the future.

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