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Overcoming Depression

Overcoming depression isn't easy. And although I'm probably not the first person to have told you this before, many more have most likely indicated to you that depression is the sign of a weak person, and that frequent lowly states (and mirrored poor circumstances) can be overturned effortlessly. Clearly to those who suffer (or have suffered) from depression, it's not like that at all; Rather, it's a constant uphill battle that often seems to lead nowhere.

I'd even go so far as to mention that negative criticism and lack of support by society in general is what causes a person to become depressed. Therefore, the first step towards overcoming depression is accepting the fact that it's not your fault. The second step, strangely, is a paradox... in that you must begin to accept complete responsibility for the person you are today (as well as the events that are taking place in your life at this present time).

Just know that you're like this because you want to be happy, and have chosen to pursue the mere possibility of experiencing a peaceful, fruitful, and meaningful life at all costs. I can promise you that it's the right decision, because everyone who has staked everything to achieve prosperity (and persevered long enough)... has ultimately made it their reality. Another factor which most likely is contributing to your depression (and will potentially continue to block you from overcoming depression) is that you have a gift and are not cultivating it; This is further reinforced if you do not yet see how it can benefit the rest of the world - a phenomenon which occurs more often than not (both by individuals who are depressed, and those who aren't).

Suffering in some instances can be looked at as a Godsend given to good people, most of whom can take the suffering, in order to elevate them. My advice is to dive into it headfirst, and find the inner strength to continue when you reach rock bottom (which may happen more than once). Spiritual masters have often said that this up and down journey is what's moving you forward and helping you to grow when everyone else is stagnant, and even becoming atrophied (meaning that they are becoming more insignificant with respect to the impact they have on the rest of the world) in some cases.

Just look around you and you'll see how people (even the "lucky" few that seem to have everything) continually decline in terms of their lifestyle, physical health, level of success, etc after the point of reaching a certain age. People are slowly but surely breaking away from relationships that at one time were filled with love and hope, and that are now reaching stages of hatred and despair.

Keep in mind that although overcoming depression entails much suffering, and that your struggles need to encompass countless ongoing efforts for you to reach a higher state of consciousness at a faster rate... you have to be open to it. Enlightenment, something most of us are secretly seeking out (whether God-fearing or atheist), can be defined in many ways, but I like to look at it as the ability to live freely in this physical world without being dependent on physical circumstances, regardless of what's going on; With this, you have to know that your way of being runs deeper than your current circumstances. You are one of the chosen few within this generation, whether it's a role that was appointed to you, or one you opted for.

You'll find on your path that you're subconsciously being re-shaped, perfected, and pulled away from the bad part of your "self". Conflict with family, friends, co-workers, business partners, and complete strangers will arise, and is necessary for you to reach this heightened state. Anyone who has listened to their heart knows how long and difficult a journey it is to do so... and yet doesn't regret one second of it. Why? Because the end result is total empowerment including & especially the ability to empower others.

Here are some action steps you can begin to take right now to help with your current situation:

  • Seek refuge in an environment that allows you to analyze and understand what you're going through, so that you can take the necessary steps towards overcoming depression... for which only you know the path
  • If you haven't already done so, stop expecting others to understand, assist, or even pity you - Chances are they never will, not because there's something wrong with you... rather, because they do not understand themselves
  • Listen to your gut instincts, and not what your rational mind is telling you {In other words, don't try to "figure" things out; Instead, go with the flow and have faith that things will work out for the best (because they always do)}
  • Allow yourself to feel good as often as you are able to; Your circumstances are a reflection of what's going on inside
  • Allow yourself to cry when you feel like doing so; Tears are a gateway to the heart, unraveling the truth about who you really are (and self-knowledge is the key to happiness)
  • Educate yourself with texts/literature that you feel compelled to read; More often than not, they will come to you so don't make it a chore to look for them
  • Surround yourself with positive individuals that you feel a particular affinity towards; On this point, be careful to not fall prey to harmful cults looking to control wounded individuals needing support - as you honestly don't need anyone but yourself, and your own inner divinity {The occasional company of good, like-minded people is just a plus that may help with your spiritual advancement}

To conclude this article, I'd like to mention that I have struggled, and continue to struggle (to a certain degree) from depression. Furthermore, I feel blessed to have had the experiences I've had, even if they have nearly broken me at times. As a result, I've become a better person - kinder, wiser, and stronger. Overcoming depression is possible... for the both of us. But always remember that "depression" is just a word. The journey, on the other hand, is everything.