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Emotional Freedom and How to Be Happy

This 'How To Be Happy' section of MF was designed to help you release any negative emotions which may be holding you back from your dreams and goals. Being happy starts with feeling happy, and if emotions like hate, anger, depression, anxiety, worry, fear, and others of the like are in the way... achieving inner peace and harmony is impossible. There is, however, a drastic change that occurs within a person who takes the decision to seek happiness at all costs.

You immediately begin to feel different, and for most people there's no going back after this point (thankfully). I would describe this feeling as empowerment, or a strengthened resistance more specifically... because it's our interactions with others that create negative emotions at early stages of our life (and if you're weak when being criticized, you don't have a shield to protect you from what you perceive at that moment to be an attack). Thinking positive is important, but NOT feeling negative is even more important (and more challenging).

Many of the issues we face today in terms of productivity, integration within society, and so on are a direct result of yesterday's experiences... and as children we were not able to create a wall prohibiting emotional abuse (or exposure to others who were dysfunctional emotionally) from entering our psyche. Ultimately, only you know how to be happy, but I could tell you that a big part of this process is accepting the fact that our parents/guardians most likely loved us unconditionally, however, were not equipped with the right tools to aid in our sound psychological & emotional development.

We have to learn to appreciate what we were given and not look at things that hurt us the way we perceived them as children. You won't be lying to yourself because you'll simply be approaching this in an intelligent, objective manner. Could you imagine how great your life would be if only you had the ability to eliminate all negative emotional beliefs? Well, it's definitely possible but it does take hard work.

Take things one step at a time, and always remind yourself that success (in all areas of your life) is where you are headed... never where you are. So as long as you maintain that original intention to find happiness (by continually asking yourself how to be happy), even when you feel as though you're moving backwards, you will in truth be moving forward. You can easily confirm this by taking a moment occasionally to analyze yourself and what you've accomplished.

I'm certain you'll find that you've learned new skills and become a better, kinder, wiser person overall. But don't make the same mistake I made countless times, which is measure my worth by the material possessions I currently own. Whether you're financially rich or poor, for example, you will find poverty if you evaluate yourself like so. Others will judge you in this way, but you have to be stronger than that, as difficult as it may be.

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