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Anxiety Help

Anxiety help is available in many forms, as well as both offline and online. If constant stress, fear, worry, paranoia, and feelings of inadequacy are ruining your life, it's not at all a bad idea to seek out the guidance of a therapist, pastor, rabbi, spiritual practitioner, or anyone who's qualified to assist you based on having experienced similar negative emotions and surpassed them, or by having acquired education in the field. If you prefer to remain in the privacy of your own home to work on your self... This 'Anxiety Help' article will aid in the process of overcoming anxiety, and healing emotionally in general.

Just know that the suffering you're enduring has been brought about for a reason - because you want to be happy and will stop at nothing to achieve harmony between all areas of your life. Your struggles are a direct result of being torn between what you want to do and what's expected of you; Something that's most likely not clear in your mind simply because everyone seems to expect something different (whether they be a family member, friend, co-worker, business partner, or society in general).

The fun question, and the question that empowers you (for lack of a better word) is "What is it that you truly want?" You don't need to say it out loud or write it down; Just express it through your heart. And forget about all of the expectations. Also, don't let your thoughts on what you genuinely want be clouded by egotistical desires (like money, status or fame) either.

What the world might not understand at the moment is how what you want out of life is actually a very personal need. Many of us can't live without expressing our individual calling, or at least not live freely under conditions which seem to portray the opposite; For countless people, this is what constitutes a "normal" lifestyle. One of working a 9-to-5 job for a boss they can't stand, eating frozen dinners not founded on any particular nutritional regimen, and eventually married with children, not to mention the big house and at least two shiny, well-maintained cars.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing fundamentally wrong with any of those things... as long as they are in line with who you are. Another case where I'd classify it as okay, is if they (married with children aside) are a sacrifice for achieving something more out of yourself and possibly for someone close to you to be content.

Keep in mind, also, that because of your experiences, you will be able to help many people, and it won't be limited to your family, friends, and community. There will be others like you who have been in the darkness and given up on the light. Think about them when walking while feeling close to paralyzed, and stepping where there is no bridge. The fact that you're walking (figuratively speaking of course, signifying that you're taking action towards your goals [and the unknown]) indicates that you have faith. It's painful and it's scary and it leaves some scars but it's all for a greater, immeasurably wonderful purpose as you'll find out.

I can't begin to tell you how much I've been through over the past decades. But as someone who had become somewhat of a poster-boy for anxiety, I'm here to make a heartfelt promise to you that everything is going to be alright. To satisfy your logical interpretation of what I'm saying, I should follow up by mentioning that the combination of events in a person's life ultimately brings them to a point of complete understanding, peace of mind, and love. For example, I know that I'm here right now, writing this 'Anxiety Help' article with hopes that it'll assist you in overcoming all obstacles, because of the hell I've personally gone through.

I'll conclude this anxiety help article by offering a single yet powerful tip on reducing anxiety in any situation. When your pulse starts to raise and the nervous tension kicks in, remember who you are by repeating any of the sentences from the list just below (preferably the one that resonates with you the most). If there's any effort you'll put forth today regarding improving your life and circumstances, it's focusing on this one statement, affirmation, and declaration of the truth:

"I am not perfect physically, but rather I'm perfect spiritually, and people don't see that because they are limited in their perception. I see this, therefore, I'm awakened. If I externalize my unlimited potential (by simply being myself), they'll be able to see better, be happier, and teach others to do the same as I have."
"I can, I am, I will." {Note: This one is accredited to my old friend Tristan's grandmother}
"All I need to do in order to stop feeling this way is to decide right now that I'm going to do what I want to do. No one is in control of my life except for me, and I'm free to do as I please based on my good judgement."
"The person that's making me feel this way loves me and wants the best for me, however, they've been abused emotionally in their childhood and feel the instinctive need to pass this abuse on to others. It's not his/her fault but it doesn't mean that I have to accept this abuse. I'm going to stop this cycle by showing him/her that it doesn't harm me."
"The person that's making me feel this way hates who s/he is. I feel bad for him/her, and forgive this person for pressuring me and trying to intimidate & control me. S/he unfortunately doesn't know that the anger s/he's attempting to pass onto me (and onto others as well) will never do any good. I consider myself lucky to be wise enough to see this."

You can make up your own anxiety help affirmations (tailored specifically to your personal insecurities), but what I want you to know above all is that the anxiety itself will subside over time, as long as you keep working on yourself. Things will most likely get tougher before they get easier, but it's all part of the process. Take this on trust from someone who's been there.