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Help Me

Have you ever spoken the words "Help Me" out loud, or even in your head. Maybe this is something recent, and you've today reached a point of feeling helpless. Well, guess what? Losing hope is actually an occurrence that naturally precedes breakthroughs within the individual. And without the cry of "Help Me", the cavalry will never have come to any person's aid.

I decided to write this article, not as a pity letter including what I think you may want to hear, but as the truth... as I often do my best to accurately convey. I've studied some of the deepest spiritual teachings, and suffered a great deal myself, so I believe I can both empathize with you and offer some guidance on this topic.

One of the most concrete, consistent observations I've made with regards to my own life, is that anytime I asked not a person, but some higher power (i.e. God, my sub-conscious mind, a guardian angel, a loved one who has passed, etc) for help... they always did. Rarely did it come in the way I had envisioned it would, but it did its jobs of getting me through the particular tough time.

Speaking of "tough times", I know that these two words put together is an understatement for most people going through them. Especially during economic recessions, men and women, regardless of their cultural background, will resort to the lowest forms of survival (e.g. prostitution, selling drugs, stealing, etc)... further bringing down their morale. Sadly, they sometimes revert to suicide at the worst of times. That said, there is a solution to their and your problems at every given moment, and it's "Help Me" as mentioned above.

The reason why things will always work out okay when you ask for help, is that consciousness is constantly listening, waiting to come to your aid. In fact, consciousness exists (from your perspective) only when you give it credit. The proof of all that is above and beyond your physical body comes from taking the initiative to believe in the impossible and the unlimited. Therefore, it comes when you start to believe, not because you want to attract a new car (or some other superficial item), but because your survival (or the survival of someone you care about) depends on it and you have no other option available.

But what does all this mean, and how can I get it to benefit me? I know that this all sounds farfetched, but you have to trust the information put forth here. More importantly, you have to trust yourself. You have to be your own savior, and the way to freedom is breaking free from the limitations of your five senses (i.e. sight, sound, smell, taste, touch). There are definitely times which call for a more grounded approach, but times of desperation require an awakening of some sort.

Consciousness, which we can sum up as complete perception (one that offers a bird's eye view of your life as it relates to others), has an enemy, and it is the ego (or egos). Egos are part of your DNA, and can be seen as the accumulation of thoughts within the bloodline of descendants (running through your family's past generations). They keep you in the dark, unaware of reasons why you feel happy and "on" one day, while depressed and powerless the next.

The egos attempt to block you from being the individual you were meant to be, and will be... and, ultimately, we all shed our egos. It's inevitable, and a necessary part of your journey. In this life, you can be healed, and for the rest of eternity, but you have to be open to the possibilities that lie ahead without fearing them. Even when you get the sense that everything you've worked for is over, finished, and unrewarded, you need to maintain the outlook that at every end is a new beginning.

It's said that all children have astral projections (i.e. out-of-body experiences) regularly up until around the age of eight. Shortly after, due to conditioning from parents and/or guardians (along with the rest of society [and especially the media]), they forget about these experiences. Very few remember who they are, where they came from, and what they're capable of. In my own case, it was only in my early thirties that I had a clear memory of my childhood, the adventures I used to have, and the everlasting bliss I used to feel. I could now recall flying (without any vehicle) over my bed, in the sky above my home, etc.

Although having supernatural experiences doesn't answer direct questions about improving your situation, whether financial, relational, or other... it does make us understand that most of the whole truth is hidden from us, and can eventually be unraveled by us as well. As an example, your current circumstances may seem terrible, and unbearable to deal with, but someone who's been through it may tell you that it genuinely helped them in the long run - either because it simply made them stronger, or because it led them to the right path (and the path they've always wanted for themselves).

Many native Indians carry with them the belief that every person should be truthful to & do good unto others, while being truthful to themselves. History, unfortunately, has proven to persecute various types of like-minded individuals; Today, it almost seems necessary to lie in order to get ahead, but that in itself is a lie. Following the storm are calm waters, and the earth always provides for steadfast seekers, so stick to your gut and don't let anything faze you. Be who you are!