Montreal Personal Trainer, Mario Fanzolato

Montreal personal trainer, Mario Fanzolato, is currently offering one-on-one, all-inclusive personal training! Customized weight training, cardio training, and nutrition programs are included, with regular consultations & workouts tailored to your particular goals being part of the regimen as well. Furthermore, multi-client sessions allow for significantly reduced fees per customer.

Contact me to schedule your free in-person consultation. I'm an experienced fitness professional providing guided workout sessions at 'Fit For Life' (a large gym open 24/7) on St-Laurent blvd, right across from Jarry park. Accommodations can be made to train at another gym, fitness center, or personal training studio in the Greater Montreal Area.

These services are for individuals between the ages of 16 and 45 looking to build muscle & burn fat in a healthy, natural, safe, and effective way. I specialize in helping hard-gainers put on lean weight as well as athletes participating in strength sports (bodybuilding, power-lifting, fighting [boxing, mma], etc) to gain as much muscle mass as possible.

Pricing is only $700/month for up to 6 sessions per week, and a new weight training program is handed out every 2nd month. Multi-client training is available with the price being significantly reduced per customer; Only $500/person/month for you and 1 friend; Only $400/person/month for you and 2 friends to train under my guidance during the same session.

This bundle is equivalent to having a full-time, private trainer, similar to that of a celebrity or professional athlete... but at a fraction of the cost. Whether your availabilities & goals require you to train for 3 sessions/week (up to 2 hours each workout), or 5-6 sessions per week (up to 75-90 minutes each workout)... you can count on a seasoned trainer to guide you every step of the way, and to ultimately great results.

If having a full-time trainer is not within your budget, or if you'd like to be on your own while working out, I also offer a smaller bundle which includes a written weight training, cardio, and nutrition program, with 5 one-on-one sessions to show you the exercises and go through the entire program as you normally would. The price for this service is $300.

Contact me today including your telephone number along with some brief details about yourself & goals, and I'll reply by phone within 24 hours.