Life Purpose Coach, Mario Fanzolato

Serving as your life purpose coach, my goal is to help you come to the realization that staying true to yourself (regardless of the adversities you'll face) is the only way to find that one thing you were meant to do... and follow through until completion. But I should mention that the objective, when finally unraveled, clearly becomes a series of actions which will make up the rest of your daily life.

We often think that achieving what we want is the bottom line, the end result, the ultimate goal so-to-speak... but it isn't like that at all, and deep down inside we all know it. Your life, and your purpose, can't possibly be determined by a single positive circumstance. There's a term for that, and it's called a 'stepping stone'. But we're talking about something much greater.

A life purpose coach guides you in the art of being genuine, listening to that inner voice, and following your heart. S/he shows you how 'being real' leads to abundant health, love, and expression of creativity not only for you but for those close to you. Trust me when I say that living your purpose is especially for others, so make it a point right now to eliminate that constant thought in your head that the world can't, in any way, benefit from your gifts.

Don't wait another second to contact me; My intention is not to simply listen (or in other words hand-hold you) in an attempt to mentally lock you into these services - Rather, it's to empower you as quickly as possible with the hope of eliminating your dependency on others as well as the fear(s) that may be blocking you. I look forward to hearing from you, and if you decide not to contact me, I'd still like to wish you courage and strength on your journey to finding/living your purpose. Also, always remember to take everything as a lesson, because it is.

To better serve you, you'll be asked to kindly fill out a questionnaire related to your goals/struggles prior to our first meeting - all of which take place at my home office, located at 9491 av. Hamelin, Montreal, QC H1Z 2M2. I look forward to serving you in the best way possible.

Click here to contact me and we'll schedule a free, initial call thereafter.

All communication between us is stricly confidential.