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MF (or MarioFanzolato.com) is dedicated to serving you, period. This website is in constant evolution, and its aim is to help you achieve the body you want and the life you deserve. Although my specialty is in natural muscular development with a focus on weight training, I'll regularly be covering aspects related to nutrition, increasing strength, aerobic/cardiovascular exercise, extending all the way to general health and wellness, and even Internet marketing (including, but not limited to, online business).

I owned several sites prior to this one, and just had to narrow things down a bit, keeping my concentration in one place... hence the general theme of MF. I'll continually be improving the functionality, so that the site is easy to navigate and provides information in a step-by-step way. The content is primarily in the form of written articles, with a growing database of videos on the subject of fitness and overall self improvement.

I'm a big fan of personal development mainly because it's the most important journey anyone will ever take; It really is the basis for reaching your potential in all areas. My knowledge is founded on a strong spiritual side, so in some instances you might find what I'm saying to be a little out there. Rest assured that any advice given throughout MF is practical, with the goal of being put to use.

Last but not least, whereas other fitness and wellness authors base their findings on the latest scientific research, I use my own experiences to direct me in assisting visitors to this site. Instead of scouring through a bunch of inconsistent tips, you'll find complete programs with a similar underlying message - that being, "Only you know what works best for you, and only you can find out what that is at every given moment".

Use the 'Sections & Categories' tabs located directly to your right to navigate through the site. Also, check out the 'About' page to learn more about who I am, and why I believe I can help you.

MarioFanzolato.com is for ...

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced strength trainers seeking guidance and motivation
  • Fitness professionals wanting to expand their own practical knowledge of muscle hypertrophy and fat burning
  • Recreational, amateur, and professional athletes participating in sports which require them to gain muscle mass (especially lean muscle)
  • Anyone looking to sculpt the body of their dreams naturally, improve on their overall health, or simply seeking inspiration
  • Individuals who have been suffering from a stress-induced disability for years, are fed up, and ready to make a positive change
  • Struggling home-based business owners experiencing difficulty with regards to making money online
  • All types of people; Everybody is welcomed with open arms

MarioFanzolato.com includes ...

  • Above all, a genuine desire to aid and support others on their path
  • Resistance workouts
  • Nutritional programs and healthy diets
  • Instruction on natural supplementation (for muscle gain, fat loss, and health [both physical and mental])
  • How-to videos
  • In-depth guides on reaching your personal development objectives
  • And tons of free/useful tools (related to fitness, wellness, and online business)

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