Natural Muscle Mind

'Natural Muscle Mind' is a guide which delves into the mindset for overcoming all obstacles to building a more muscular body naturally. There are certain mental focus aspects you need, to gain significant muscle mass. You don't need steroids or growth hormones to get big. You only need these elements...


Discipline to do the things you need to do to build natural muscle:

  • Eat many healthy, large-sized, protein-packed meals every day
  • Sleep well for at least eight hours (preferably ten hours) each day
  • Train each of the major muscle groups (meaning your Chest, Biceps, Back, Triceps, Legs, Shoulders) only once per week

Most people are okay with these basic elements, as long as they trust that results will soon follow.

Consistency in Your Actions

Consistency in your actions is doing the things you need to do on a regular basis. It's long-term commitment.

Consistency in Your Thoughts

Consistency in your thoughts is also very important because your actions follow your thoughts. Having a positive attitude, or working towards developing a positive attitude, will lead you to making the right choices. If you don't think you're going to reach your objective, you won't. You need to know that you will get there. This doesn't mean that you have to be perfectly controlled all the time - it just means that when you are, you're moving in the right direction.

Keep in mind that falling down or going backwards every so often is part of the entire process. When I tell people that they're going to have to work hard to gain mass, this is what I'm talking about; It's getting into the habit of being consistent in their thoughts and actions.

If it sounds to you like there will be a constant struggle, rest assured, it's not. Like any other habit, it takes some time to develop into an almost instinctive behavior. How long depends on too many factors. Gaining mass in itself is incredibly easy. It's life's responsibilities that often make it difficult to be consistent. The great thing is that life stops creating obstacles and begins helping you towards your goal when you think positive, because only then you realize that those 'obstacles' are what is keeping you on the right path.

Patience & Perseverence

All of us make mistakes. However, the biggest mistake a person can make is getting down on him or herself for making one. Every single time you make a mistake or an unfortunate event stops you in your tracks you have the opportunity to learn something about yourself. It forces you to look inside and to grow.

The more you know about yourself the easier it will be to achieve your goals when you're ready to do so. I am only beginning to see this for myself. If, for whatever reason, you have trouble listening to your body... resort to trial and error. Eventually you'll find what works best for you. And remember, you've only failed once you've given up.


Take a few minutes prior to working out to visualize what exercises you will perform as well as how you will ideally look and feel throughout the workout. Your thoughts on training should always be positive. Also, learn to direct your thoughts to your exact goal. Think "gain natural muscle mass" and you'll soon be getting great results.

I noticed that some people do everything right (they are disciplined, consistent, determined) but still don't get the results they work towards. Often, the reason for this is that they put numerical markers on their goals. Take the example of someone interested in gaining twenty pounds. If that person is thinking anything other than "gain weight" or "gain natural muscle", then he/she won't even be able to gain 1 pound.

Your body will do exactly what you want it to do... but you have to have a clear, focused goal in your mind. If you're thinking "gain 15 pounds, stop there, and maintain that weight" you're creating confusion. Don't get ahead of yourself. Take one step at a time. Later, once you've reached your goal you'll start to mentally focus on "maintaining that weight".

Post pictures of what you want to look like in places where you'll see them on a daily basis. Some examples are in your agenda, in your briefcase, on your refrigerator door, etc. Make it your computer's wallpaper if you're often at a desk. What works even better than this is taking some time, twice each day to really imagine what you want to look like - as well as already having the physique you're working towards. The reason for this is that the sub-conscious will take this information in and provide solutions on how to get it.

Another thing that happens when visualizing your dream body... is you begin to feel good, happy, content, at peace, etc. What's incredible is that when you're happy, more natural growth hormones (that are inside of you) are released. What this translates to is considerably bigger gains in natural muscle mass.

A person who is depressed or sad all the time will never reach their natural muscle mass potential; If you fit into this category, all you have to do to turn your situation around is begin working on your mind. There are plenty of books available out there that could help you. If you would like some suggestions, feel free to contact me with the subject "Favorite Self Help Books" including a brief message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can with a short list.

Belief in Yourself

Believing in yourself is vital when attempting to accomplish any great goal. Believe that you will achieve your goal and believe that you're worthy of it. Why not you? I recently noticed that every choice I make in my own life depends on whether or not I believe in myself and my dreams. I've learned that accomplishing what I consider to be a small goal versus a huge goal doesn't depend on how difficult it's going to be or how hard I'm going to have to work; Instead, it has everything to do with whether or not I believe in myself. Some feats will take longer than others to accomplish, but all are possible to achieve, and there is no real difference in the degree of difficulty when you believe in yourself all the time.

The Ability To...

Accept your passion for natural muscle building, and allow it to fuel you. As long as gaining natural muscle mass is what you truly want... you'll be able to do it. Every great teacher will tell you that true happiness is found in the journey, not the destination. Why? Because in this journey you find yourself, you find who you really are.

When you achieve a goal, the feeling of joy is not from the goal itself but rather in looking back at all the struggles you had to travel through and remembering how you got past them. You realize that all the events and circumstances that felt like obstacles at the time, were actually there to guide you. You'll soon look back and say "It took strength, courage, and determination to get here". And what's better, your story becomes a source of inspiration for others, empowering them to follow their dreams.

I'll give you one tip that will help speed up your gains in natural muscle mass. As much as possible, enjoy every moment of the journey and live life to the fullest. Focus on your weight training because that's what you love to do. Eat the right foods because they feed your hunger. Rest to restore your mind and body. Be with and help the ones you love, as well as serve the community of your choice because without it... you are not living. Gaining natural muscle mass has everything to do with every thing and every moment in your life, so make the best out of those things and those moments.

Mental Focus

Your mind must be clear for you to use it. If you are not able to think clearly, you won't achieve your goals. Whenever you feel stuck, take some time to just relax or do something that you love to do. Taking this time off will help you to mentally focus on the path in front of you on a more consistent basis. You have to know exactly what you want and then take a decision to start pursuing it.

Don't look too far ahead; Small steps will take you far if you are patient. Don't think about unimportant things like criticism from others, making mistakes, etc. Those are not real obstacles. It's the thought of what you're afraid of that's the only real obstacle. A successful person is someone who pursues what s/he wants, and is not afraid to make mistakes. Whether you make mistakes or not is irrelevant.

If achieving your goal seems light-years away, just remember to keep going. That's all you have to do. There is always, ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel. Continue to exercise your mind, body, & soul, and you will build natural muscle mass quickly... as well as improve all areas of your life.

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