Natural Bodybuilding Documentary

Here's a natural bodybuilding documentary that will blow you away. It was filmed in high definition and includes the ins and outs of competing as a natural athlete in the sport of bodybuilding. 'Natural Bodybuilding - Story of a Natural Bodybuilder' is, without a doubt, one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

It may only be about 20 minutes in length, but it feels more like 2 hours, as filmmaker & personal trainer Marco Bassi along with featured bodybuilder Mauro Copellini discuss weight training, nutrition, and all other aspects of natural muscle building. Their determination to excel in a sport they love, while remaining 100% natural, is truly inspirational... and sets a great example for all athletes. Watching this film, to a certain degree, leaves you wondering why most competitive bodybuilders take the roids road... as Mauro's body is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and is most definitely something to aspire to.

I suggest you guys/gals watch the film until completion, as Mauro Copellini - the star of this documentary delivers a great message after the credits. It's something that we all know deep down inside, but for some reason have trouble accepting. I hope you'll have the courage to accept it, because it truly feeds inspired action and ultimately leads to fruitful results. Enjoy the two parts of this incredible documentary.

Natural Bodybuilding - Part 1 of 2

Natural Bodybuilding - Part 2 of 2