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Muscle Mass Diet Tips

These muscle mass diet tips are for anyone looking to gain muscle mass in a healthy way. There is a strong consideration for staying lean in this article as well, because the size and weight you put on should consist mostly of muscle. Otherwise, it can negatively affect your system later on.

Are you a hard-gainer who's eating everything from potato chips to chocolate cake three times per day in an attempt to gain muscle mass? Well, if so, then forgive me for being so blunt... but you're going about it the wrong way. Here are a few guidelines that you could follow if interested in building muscle naturally.

Stick with protein-packed meals

Include foods like egg whites, poultry (chicken breast, turkey breast, etc), lean meats (beef, horse, bison, etc), fish (tuna, tilapia, etc), and nuts (especially almonds, etc) in your everyday muscle mass diet. An alternative to eating a high-protein food is taking in a 100% whey protein concentrate or isolate shake, with an entire meal being replaced by a meal replacement shake.

Extreme hard-gainers could alternatively take in a weight gainer shake instead; Although the three are all high in protein, weight gainers contain quite a bit of carbs as well, which are essential for gaining significant weight. Combining regular protein powder (concentrate or isolate) with a banana and wheat germ, for example, is equivalent to and probably more effective than a weight gainer shake. Added benefits of weight gainers, however, are that they cost less than concentrate & isolate, and can be conveniently prepared in seconds (by simply mixing the powder with water, milk, or pineapple juice).

Don't leave carbohydrates out

You need carbs in your muscle mass diet if you're looking to gain significant weight, even if your goal is to stay lean. Otherwise, you'll be constantly battling your way up on the scale. You'll be doing a whole lot of trying and won't score high in the results department. Some examples are whole grain pasta or bread (preferably pumpernickel as it's the highest in fiber and least refined), rice, potato, and oatmeal.

It should be noted that 'Gluten' is found in bread & pasta, and causes a number of health-related issues for many. I, personally, was diagnosed with probable Celiac [spelled 'Coeliac' outside of North America] (which is an intolerance to gluten) at the age of 23, and whether or not I did or do have this disease... eating even moderate portions of bread or pasta is often followed by feelings of physical discomfort in the abdominal area, as well a decrease in mental focus.

When diagnosed, I was told that I would have trouble gaining muscle/weight if indeed I did have Celiac and didn't follow a strict gluten-free diet (one that I should specify was a drastic shift from the current muscle mass diet I was following); Simply put, it would limit the absorption of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients... necessary for building muscle.

Of course, none of this may pertain to you, but it's something to keep in mind if you are weight training regularly and eating several complete meals per day (which include foods with gluten in them) - and are still not gaining weight. Consult with your family doctor in this case. If ever diagnosed, rest assured that Celiac/Coeliac is one of the only existing diseases curable through proper diet. And concerning your favorite starchy foods, corn and rice-based flours will offer healthy substitutes for great-tasting bread, pasta, pizza, etc.

Eat your fruits and vegetables

To ensure that you're taking in enough vitamins essential to muscle building, I suggest you don't leave out your fruits and vegetables. You should have at least 2 fruits per day, and as many vegetables as possible. It's also preferable to be eaten raw. This food group will help you with the overall functioning of your body as well. Your bowel movements will be more regular, and you'll just feel better overall. You will also have enough energy to get through intense cardio and resistance workouts while coping with life's challenges.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is the most overlooked aspect of the muscle mass diet for most gym goers. Of course, it's vital that we hydrate in order to survive, but drinking water often throughout the day has numerous other benefits, all of which assist in the pursuit of gaining mass. How much should you drink? That depends on you. Whenever you're thirsty, drink some water. You're body holds all of the answers!