MLM Network Marketing Opportunities

What are MLM network marketing opportunities? They could be described as companies that solely use word-of-mouth marketing to promote their brand name products. The individuals that get the word out are independent associates of these companies, and the products could only be sold through them (which is why you'll rarely, if ever, see the products displayed in large retail stores).

Associates are normally given a slightly-customizable, replicated website where they can send offline or online visitors to. If someone ends up making a purchase, it's the company itself that deals with shipping the products (and any returns, if the case may arise). In so many words, it's a business in a box... but the exciting part is also the most challenging.

So what's the exciting part? MLM network marketing opportunities allow you to build what's called a downline. Since no one could actually buy directly from the retailer or manufacturer (which are often the same entity), associates have the possibility to build their business and sell on a grander scale especially by recruiting other associates under them (to profit from their sales as well)... and this process continues up to an unlimited number of levels (hence the term multi-level marketing [also known as MLM]).

It's the ultimate passive & residual income generator, and exponential as you can imagine. Every network marketing company has its own unique compensation plan & recruiting structure, but all could be described as resembling that of a pine tree. This is very similar to in every other industry, except in this case, each associate is his/her own boss and can potentially earn well beyond a typical CEO's salary (given they put in the hours and persist long enough).

MLM network marketing opportunities are a viable option for anyone looking to start a home-based business. And although the industry in general has produced more millionaires than in any other, keep in mind that accomplishing this is extremely difficult for the average person. It's not that it requires some form of superior intelligence - Rather, communication skills need to be razor sharp. Charisma is what a person exudes when they are themselves, but how could you be a portrait of confidence when faced with financial ruin or turmoil. It's difficult to get up in the morning, let alone walk with a swagger, when tough economic times are beating you down.

After reading this last paragraph, you may be reconsidering getting into MLM network marketing. It isn't my intention to discourage you; On the contrary, I'm an independent associate of Isagenix (which is a fortune 500 company and leader in direct sales [another way of saying MLM or network marketing]), and I recommend it for anyone looking to supplement their income.

For the same reason that people get into this type of business, it has ironically had its reputation tarnished and labeled by many as a "get rich quick" scheme. In truth, it's not at all so. The large majority who entered into it, and reached the 7-figure mark (meaning $1,000,000 in gross revenue per year or more), took over ten years (of being with the same company) before attaining that level of success.

What often happens through the many failures one undergoes after joining their first MLM network marketing opportunity (and perhaps second, or third, and so on), is that eventually they develop the ability to speak from the heart. If you're not with a company that provides products (and related service) that are in line with your values, you get fed up with 'trying' to pitch something you're not genuinely enthusiastic about... and therefore seek out the one that will allow you to do this.

Even in being with the right company (and feeling good about promoting their products), there are challenges to overcome. One of these is remembering who you are. When you came into this world, you innately were able to communicate your hopes and dreams (and intention to achieve them) to anyone and everyone, but somewhere along the way you were told not to share your ideas of wealth (not necessarily monetary) with the world. This conditioning is one of the barriers that most network marketers have to confront, which is why team leaders will almost always tell their downline to work on believing in themselves.

The second obstacle is mastering marketing (both online and off). This too is a skill that needs to be developed, and to a certain degree requires several mistakes being made. Frustration is the only way to truly learn something; Someone could show you the way ten times and you won't quite get it until you've walked the walk, and fallen a couple of times on this path.

When I was in college, one of the professors spoke of this, and I never forgot it. He used the example of two separate images of a clock, where one was crystal clear and the other was blurred out. The fuzzy one required that we got up close to it to denote the time. Each was marked with a different time, and although the first clock didn't require any visual effort at all... at the end of the semester, when randomly asked what time each clock displayed, we could only remember what was marked on the blurred out image.

In sum, the most rewarding industry (which is MLM network marketing) is also the most difficult to thrive in. This is a good thing. Many of the top earners even do well in other industries (like real estate) thereafter because they've taken their experience with them. If you could recruit an individual into your MLM network marketing opportunity effortlessly, then you could sell a house (at asking price). This knack for selling is the reason MLM leaders make more money than presidents of countries.

If you've still got doubts as to whether or not MLM network marketing is for you (because of a fear of selling), keep in mind that if the product is good, it's not really selling at all. Instead, it's offering a gift; If this gift is backed by an opportunity for increased health, happiness, time, and wealth... then, it's a vehicle for changing the lives of others for the better. Whether they decide to buy the products or sign up under you (to sell the products) is entirely their decision, and something you have no control over. All you could do is spread the word in an honest way.

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