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Mental Health Articles

These mental health articles were written by someone who's suffered tremendous amounts of physical and emotional pain over the years. I believe that my experiences, and more importantly my perception of those experiences, were the result of a combination of factors (as are the circumstances that anyone else is presented with in their own life). Genetics, luck (or lack thereof), traumatic events, sustained environmental abuse, and even destiny & free will have played a vital role in constructing the person whom I've become.

Unfortunately, most people don't consider any of those factors when analyzing others or themselves. They'll define a person for who they are (attaching a type of status, label, or stigma) by where that person stands relative to the rest of society (with those closest to the norm as being the most acceptable). Most individuals profile without even giving a thought as to how this man or woman reached rock-bottom, or achieved that near-impossible goal, or whatever. They've basically left out the entire story - They've judged a book by its cover.

The mental health articles that make up this section of MF will concentrate on all aspects of the mind, from developing mental focus and clarity, to discovering the purpose behind the mind as well as the power it holds. If you're going through a difficult time, and feel confused very often, it's because you haven't yet accepted your unlimited potential and learned how to let go in the positive sense. You're trying to be someone who's not actually you, in order to conform to some group or some one with hopes of pleasing them.

My goal with this area of the site is to share my story (which I'm certain you'll be able to relate to), so that you may come to understand and accept the process of realizing the truth... which is that expressing your genuine, unique voice (meaning becoming the person you're supposed to be) is what will not only bring happiness and peace into your life, but into the lives of others as well.

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