Manifesting Abundance

The term manifesting abundance (which can, alternatively, be defined as attracting abundance through the power of positive thinking) along with each of the two individual words (manifesting & abundance) have become extremely overused, in my opinion, since the 2006 hit docudrama 'The Secret' began spreading like wildfire throughout the Internet.

The film was released at a time when economic despair was beginning to take shape in the Western world, and people, therefore, began to take to references of financial hope. Of course, manifesting abundance doesn't have to be about attracting more money, but I instinctively get the sense that making more money is the obsession associated with manifesting abundance. People (myself included) have lost touch with the fact that things like true wealth, peace of mind, and freedom don't actually require money.

Conversely and ironically, the lack of money can definitely destroy a person; As an example, credit card debt, which is rampant worldwide, often forces individuals to foreclose their home - sometimes without having been as a result of losing their job. And since many of us have become accustomed to a certain standard of living (overspending on countless luxuries), cutting back to our most basic needs can have detrimental short-term effects. Although dealing with everything in this situation would involve some turbulence, keep in mind if you're ever faced with similar circumstances that the essentials are, in fact, all we need to be more than happy.

Manifesting abundance is about maintaining a balance between all areas of your life and your inner self. Harmony would probably be a better word to describe it, because every element of our being and environment is constantly changing... and so, we have to adapt, hence harmonize. This can only be done by continually listening to that voice buried deep inside, that is faintly heard... which offers the most sound personalized advice, that so few of us follow.

Sure, thoughts become your reality, but what's controlling your thoughts? You have to go much deeper for an answer, even deeper than your emotions. Even the self-proclaimed "gurus" don't seem to want to tackle this issue, most likely given the degree of difficulty involved in enlightening others on the subject; For the great majority of them, it actually works out to their perceived benefit, because they prefer to keep the real secret all for themselves - in order to continue profiting from the sales of related books, audios, and films which are beautifully packaged & presented, but don't offer productive solutions to anyone's problems.

I realize I'm being very harsh on entrepreneurs to the new-age movement, but none of the above applies. The trend, not only in our current economy but in previous generations as well, seems to be one of 'follow the follower'. Any person who has achieved financial wealth is considered a God, and yet he or she cannot help a single soul on this planet manifest abundance. In fact, they're actually slowing down the progress of others by having them commit to strict guidelines, and what they think works.

Which brings me to my point; There are good people who are also successful genuinely doing the best they can to empower others, but who are still blind. The only issue then, is that they (and we) are all in the dark about a certain truth... which is that only you will ever know what's best for you, and what will bring you to the point of manifesting abundance effortlessly.

Another point I'd like to bring up is that we tend to confuse having plenty of money with being successful. Do you think that running a drug ring, and making tons of cash in doing so, is a form of success? I trust that your immediate response is "I would never do that sort of thing simply for a paycheck". Well, what if I told you that a similar disservice is being done by promoting products you've never researched or used, nor are passionate about {I should note that as an online author & Internet marketer I find myself in this boat on a daily basis, always having to reevaluate my recommendations}.

My hope for you, the reader, which I feel privileged to have a part of this site, is that you begin (or continue) to strive for what's inside. True individual success, and manifesting abundance collaborative to this cause, must be in line with your ethics, morals, and values. Since everything in life is a lesson, we don't attract good things because we subconsciously know that we're attracting them for the wrong reasons (namely pride, lust, etc).

You have to ask yourself, "Why do I want to manifest abundance?". Start to understand creative elements like purpose if you would like to do so. Find whatever it is that's going to drive you to enjoy a better existence. Here's a hint: It has to do with other people. Sure, you may love to paint, but if you don't share your art with the world... no one will be able to benefit from it, and you, therefore, will not be compensated in any way.

Remember, I'm not necessarily talking about money; Money is energy like everything else, and it (along with all other desires) will only come your way if you let it flow through you (instead of intending for it to stop at your feet). Oddly enough, it was Bob Proctor, one of the stars of 'The Secret', who stated appropriately in his book 'You Were Born Rich' that "You have to love people, and use money... not the other way around". I couldn't agree with him more.

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