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Inspirational Quotes

These free inspirational quotes were gathered together clearly to inspire you. But what do I mean when I say "inspire"? I like to think of the word as signifying something that comes from within in order to help us move forward. It's self-improvement in its purest form, because although we need the teachings of others to help open our eyes... ultimately, it's our own interpretations, understanding, and related experiences which force us to truly see.

So why are people so positively affected by inspirational quotes? Well, the words don't necessarily carry as much value if not without such strong examples behind them. The examples I speak of are the people who originally created the saying or metaphor (which often holds hidden messages decipherable only by those who are ready to understand them). Entire books and websites have been built around the subject of motivational quotes, and yet most people fall short of grasping the underlying concepts that each of these "sentences" holds.

If I can offer one piece of advice while reading through these quotes, it's this; Think about the authors' accomplishments, and the necessary struggles they had to go through to reach the point they were at when they wrote the quotes. Knowledge certainly doesn't come easy, and it can also be analyzed from different levels of perception. As the reader becomes elevated spiritually (or in other words, awakened), the quotes themselves may take on a completely different meaning.

At the beginning of any journey, most people are more than hopeful that things will go their way - but as things often turn out, and plans need to be modified or even thrown out & replaced altogether at times... the quest to reach their goal at all costs becomes one of suffering, and continuous let-downs, along with segregation from the rest of society, etc.

It's a necessary path to go beyond the quote and find likeness with the author. You become like him/her in that you'll develop similar characteristics. And in case you're wondering, the end result is one of utter happiness, love, peace, etc. What you originally set out to achieve will be achieved; That's something that won't change and is inevitable given you're willing to persist long enough.

I truly hope you enjoy these free inspirational quotes, and more importantly... meet the authors in your mind and in your heart.

Note: This section of MF was originally intended to display quotes from various individuals across entire spectrums of knowledge. Recently, I've decided to include my own original works only to better maintain the uniqueness of this site... and to make sure that the advice contained within is consistent throughout each article, audio, video, etc.

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