Characteristics of Hollywood Personal Trainers

Hollywood personal trainers are successful because of a few key characteristics. You have them as well. This article helps you become aware of some basic ones along with those that will set you above your competition.

I am not suggesting that all Hollywood personal trainers are successful or that you need to move to Hollywood to be successful, but if you intend on being a trainer to the stars you'll need to develop the following traits...

Confidence is the first attribute to any successful businessperson. You need not demonstrate it 24 hours a day, but be sure that when talking to clients you maintain eye contact and sound like you know what you're talking about, because you do. Make the client understand that you are an authority in your field, not by being arrogant or by pointing out any certificates, degrees, or awards you may have received, but by speaking passionately about the subject.

Charisma attracts clients. Some people think it's impossible to be as charismatic as top Hollywood personal trainers; I have a simple solution for you if you fit into this category. FOCUS ON YOURSELF FIRST. Make sure your own training is A-1 before you start training other people. Get into the flow of feeling good about yourself. If you cannot take care of yourself, people will not trust you to help them achieve their goals. Start eating better today. Start organizing your schedule today. Start knowing exactly what you want out of life today. Start concentrating on your workouts today. Tomorrow you will feel indestructible and be ready for the world. An experienced businessman once told me "You gotta always look out for number 1!". Before you can help others, you have to learn to help yourself... keeping in mind that we're not talking about money.

Although it's not the most important factor in determining your success, it's always nice to be original. Don't rack your brain trying to figure out how you can be different. Simply look inside your heart and ask yourself what your unique abilities are. You'd think this is a question that's easily answered, although most people have trouble with it. Believing in yourself is not being afraid of being yourself. Your originality is you. There is nobody on this planet like you. Most people, however, search for an identity their whole life. They give in to criticism and almost become actors in this world, which inevitably leads them to become unhappy actors. You will be rewarded only if you admit to yourself and others who you are and excel at what you know you know.

The following characteristics alone will not propel your career to the levels of Hollywood personal trainers but their lack of presence can surely destroy it. Be professional, polite, unbiased, and open-minded at all times. Be professional by keeping your social life separate from your work life. You can engage in conversation with your clients while training them but don't get too personal. Also, steer away from topics like religion and politics. As often as you can, discuss topics related to the trainee's goal(s). Be polite and respectful... always. If your client shows up to a session in a terrible mood, don't let it affect you. Stay calm, objective, and positive. Eventually the client will lighten up.

Be unbiased when a potential client approaches you. You can be picky about the type of training you offer... but why reject someone who is interested in the exact service you love to provide? In my area of specialization, for example, the strong majority of potential clients are men, but that doesn't mean I won't train the occasional woman interested in gaining muscle mass. Lastly, be open-minded and listen carefully to your clients especially the first few times you meet. You almost always have to find a balance between what you want to offer and what the client wants.

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