Get Ripped Fast Fat Loss Guide

Get ripped fast and keep the fat off by regularly eating healthy and living an active lifestyle. I've put together some useful information to help you get rid of fat while preserving lean muscle mass. You may be able to maintain or even increase your body weight... which means you'll have even more muscle.

There are a few different ways to get ripped fast, and when combined bring you maximum results. They are:

  • Don't sit/lie down right after you eat anything
  • Integrate 2-3 cardio workouts into your weekly training schedule
  • Eat no more than one cheat food (like a sweet, high-sodium, or high-fat food) every day for the first 3 weeks, and eventually only one cheat food per week
  • Follow a simple, well-structured nutritional program containing the right foods

Don't sit or lie down directly after a meal. It's difficult (if not impossible) to get ripped fast if you're either eating or sedentary all of the time. Even if your work requires you to sit down at a desk, you should have enough time to go for a 15 minute walk after lunch. During your breaks, following a snack, you could straighten out your files or desk while on your feet. And if you're at home and just finished supper... wash the dishes right away.

Of course, these are just examples. But the rule I use for myself when it's time to lean down is - move for at least 15 minutes following every meal OR snack. The only exceptions are for meal replacement & protein shakes, throughout the day, and before bed. Similarly, in the case with small portions of something very lean, like almonds or a piece of barbecued chicken breast, for instance... the rule does not apply.

For someone who wants to get ripped fast, a meal replacement or pure protein shake is always a good complement to a healthy diet. Whey concentrate along with whey isolate are very refined protein powders, and are commonly used by nearly the entire bodybuilding, fitness, and athletic community. You usually only need to have 1 scoop mixed with water to complete a serving (with the minimum amount equaling approximately 15 grams of protein). My recommendation is two to three servings per day, but do consult with your fitness trainer or physician for personalized advice.

This small shake can potentially cut hunger instantly, feed your muscles while you sleep, aid in recovering from workouts, and, of course, increase lean body mass (or in other words, help you build muscle). NOTE: Although whey isolate is the most expensive type of protein powder (because of the high percentage of protein per serving, modern health enthusiasts are beginning to shift towards whey concentrate. This can be attributed to the fact that it's not filtered as many times as isolate - thus preserving much of the essential/beneficial trace minerals associated with quality whey.

I have to mention a few points about emotional eating. Emotional eating creates problems for many, because it often happens in the middle of the night. Eating and going back into bed, unfortunately, won't help you get ripped fast, let alone deal with emotional problems. If ever you're going through difficult times, that's just another reason why you should maintain healthy eating habits. As much as I believe we are entirely responsible for what happens to us, understandably, some things are harder to control.

Unfortunate events in your life will occur and you should face them with a positive attitude. Keep in mind when fighting off those middle-of-the-night splurges, that healthy eating patterns, like any other habit... generally take about 3 weeks to develop (but it does vary depending on the person). Think of the reasons why you're following a healthy nutritional plan. For example, by eating better and at the right times, your energy levels will increase. As a result, you'll begin to create a pattern of developing other good habits, like training regularly, etc.

To get ripped fast, there also needs to be some aerobic exercise incorporated into your workouts. Integrate 2-3 moderate to high intensity cardio workouts into your weekly training schedule. Try to space them out as evenly as possible to create balance. An alternative to this is doing cardio 4-6 times per week, but at a low intensity. The duration is about the same for both options... 20-30 minutes.

Listen to your body and be careful not to push yourself too hard. You don't want to over-train to the point that you get sick or begin to hate working out (and quit altogether). You are striving for a realistic training regimen that can easily be integrated into your lifestyle. Getting in shape is supposed to be a challenge, but if you can't have some fun in the process, then you most likely will not be able to lose the fat.

For some people, walking at a brisk pace is a good enough exercise to burn fat (although it's doubtful that they'll be able to get ripped fast). Others need something a little more intense. If you aren't leaning down after about two weeks of upping the cardio, try jogging. I'd prefer you do this outdoors as training in a different environment every so often will give you a break from the routine of always being in the gym. Besides that, nature offers several benefits related to improved fitness.

In case you're like me, and get joint pains in the back and knees when jogging or running, try the stepper or elliptical machines if available at your gym. These machines demand that your feet never leave a surface, so there is no impact. I suggest you keep the resistance very low on the elliptical machine so that you can work at a higher speed... and keep the focus on burning fat, rather than primarily working the leg muscles.

Eat no more than one cheat food every day (for the first 2-3 weeks) and eventually only one cheat food per week. You probably already know what foods fall into the category of 'cheat foods' and will hinder your results in pursuit to get ripped fast, but I'll sum it up for you as best I could. Anything that is sweet (besides fruits) should be strongly limited or avoided altogether. Examples are cake, pie, cookies, table syrup, sweetened chocolate, sugar, and so on.

You also shouldn't drink any soft drinks (ever), fruit drinks, or even fruit juices. Instead, drink water and eat fruits. The more sugar you have in your blood, the less effective your body is at burning fat. A good friend of mine, and expert nutritionist, often refers to sugar as a highly addictive drug. Take his advice and stay away from it if you're serious about losing fat.

Other foods I suggest you avoid are salty, high-fat foods like foods served in 'fast food restaurants', for example. The amount of fat they use to cook with is incredibly high compared to a simple meal you could prepare at home. To get ripped fast, you also have to limit the amount of processed foods or foods packed with preservatives (whether natural or chemical). Whenever possible, consume fresh, natural-state, organic, whole foods and produce.

Everyone reacts to different cheat foods differently. Personally, I could eat two large bags of salty potato chips and the next day look just as lean. Eating a small piece of cheese cake, on the other hand, literally makes me look bloated within minutes. Regardless, this is not something you should experiment with. Eating a cheat food can't in any way be good for you. If it doesn't negatively affect your outside, then it's doing something bad to your inside. It's not a puzzle to get ripped fast - Instead, it's being disciplined in all aspects of developing a healthy, lean physique. You need to eat right, train regularly, and rest well... all on a regular basis.

To get ripped fast, it's vital to follow a simple, well-structured nutritional plan containing the right foods. Throughout the day, when you eat and how many meals you eat... is just as important as what you eat and how much you eat. To lose fat and eventually stay lean, you have to eat many, small-to-medium-sized meals every day. You should space them out evenly and, I know you've heard this next one before, never skip breakfast.

Eating less times during the day is only going to slow down your metabolism, which will eventually translate to a decrease in the amount of muscle and an increase in body fat. If you eat many times per day (meaning at least four meals, but preferably six meals), the body is signaled to work more often, and hence burn fat regularly. Also, a smaller meal can more easily be burned than a large meal.

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