Fitness Bootcamps for Profit

Fitness bootcamps and group training can easily increase profits. Well, okay... maybe not easily, but definitely with less effort. This article explains how personal trainers can make more money by charging less per client.

The concept of having more individuals working out under your guidance AT THE SAME TIME, is probably one of the most overlooked options for the modern fitness professional. Word of mouth about your business becomes somewhat infectious when you're the busy guy in the gym. So, not only can you make more money in the process of giving group sessions or organizing outdoor/indoor bootcamps - but you're going to pull in new leads on a daily basis, and in turn be able to choose which clients you accept for training. This last statement might be a bit arrogant-sounding, but hey... the clients are also doing their fair share of profiling, going with your competitor in some cases (so why shouldn't it be the other way around).

Speaking of competitors, set yourself aside from the rest of the pack by offering something original and in a unique way. Most trainers want to squeeze out every possible penny from the few clients they have (all the while desperately trying to hold on to those same clients). In fact, every industry, let alone the fitness industry, has become a sales culture. This actually makes people hesitant to buy, because although they do require products and services... they often feel pressured by the overwhelming number of choices (and this is not to mention the scare tactics that are being used to literally "force" them to buy).

Fitness bootcamps offer a way to charge each individual considerably less per session, while providing a fun atmosphere where group members encourage each other. And the classes don't have to be focused on traditional areas of fitness; If your specialization involves bodyweight strength exercises, then make your classes about that. When posting your flyers or creating a buzz in any other way, be sure to include enough information that people know exactly what your group courses are about... so that you may only generate targeted leads. It's also suggested to offer 1 free session to not only demonstrate your services, but to gain your potential client's trust.

Another important benefit of fitness bootcamps, otherwise known as group classes, is that since you can charge much less per client (given you're now training multiple clients during the same 60-minute workout)... you're customers will be more open to purchase a large 36-session package (for example). Imagine having 15 individuals paying you $700 each upfront, which is affordable for them. That's over ten thousand dollars for three hours work per week (for about 12 weeks). Keep in mind also, that you can work more than 3 hours per week. If you're working out of a small gym, you may want to consider broadening your horizons to include other studios and fitness centers in your local area. Depending on your city's weather throughout the year, you can even give outdoor sessions... and won't have to pay any rent or commission to the gym (for providing the clientele and/or equipment/space).

There are so many ways of expanding on this idea of fitness bootcamps, therefore I'll leave it up to your personal creativity to customize it in a way that would make it both stimulating, and profitable for you. You may only want to start doing these sort of group workouts with 3 clients at a time, and not 15 or more. Either way, you'll still be bringing in more cash. In turn, you'll be more passionate than ever before about your career... thus allowing you to take your own training to that next level.

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