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Incline Dumbbell Press

This exercise is performed either on a seated, reclinable bench or a standing, reclinable bench at approximately a 45-degree (or less) angle.

  1. Walk up to the dumbbell rack, select a pair of dumbbells (and weight) you're comfortable performing the exercise with
  2. Place yourself directly in front of the bench while still in a standing, upright position
  3. Straighten out your arms, placing the dumbbells in front of your thighs in a hammer position (with the dumbbells lightly touching your legs)
  4. Sit down remaining in an upright position if on a seated bench, or rest your buttocks against the support while keeping your knees slightly bent and your upper body in an upright position if on a standing bench
  5. With hands gripped firmly on the dumbbells, allow your knees to kick the weights up, one at a time (left first, then right; or right first, then left) bringing them to the level of your upper chest at slightly-wider-than-shoulder-width in a pronated position (i.e. with palms facing away from the body) {This should be done fairly quickly, as we're trying to limit the amount of resistance felt prior to getting the dumbbells into the actual exercise starting position}
  6. Slowly push the weights up/vertically towards the ceiling at a speed of approximately 2-3 seconds, returning to your original starting position (at the same pace) once your arms are nearly straight at the top of the movement {Do NOT lock elbows}
  7. Perform approximately 12-15 repetitions, followed by 2 other sets resting for 1.5-3 minutes in between each