Selecting a Bodybuilding Workouts Trainer

Choosing the right trainer to design and guide you through your bodybuilding workouts isn't as easy as you may think. I'll give you some tips that will help you to reach your goals faster and not waste any more money.

Before selecting a trainer to work with, you have to have a clear image in your mind of what you want. Otherwise, practically no one could help you. The reason why most people are not productive in the gym is usually due to one of the following:

  • They don't know what they want because they've never asked themselves the question
  • They are torn between two or more choices or are trying to accomplish all of them at the same time
  • They know what they want but are subconsciously trying to avoid it (due to a strong fear of criticism or peer pressure)
  • They don't believe in themselves

Once you know exactly what you want, you can begin looking around for a trainer. If you're a member of a gym, I suggest you don't look elsewhere. It's always good to have your trainer around even when s/he is not in a private session with you. Most of them won't charge you for 2-minute chats about how your nutritional program is going, for example. If you will be training at home, ask a friend that works out in a gym, if s/he knows of a few excellent trainers. Don't worry about not finding anyone specializing in bodybuilding workouts. Many trainers have competed in the past or continue to compete.

Now that you've narrowed down where you will find your trainer, eliminate those from your list that have never had a similar goal to yours. Bring the choice of trainers down even more by disregarding the ones that had a similar goal to yours but have not had any success. Keep in mind that the trainers that are the busiest are not necessarily the best. Unfortunately, the person with the best sales/marketing skills often has the most clients. The ones that not only teach, but also DO or HAVE DONE are the trainers you should be looking out for. You want someone who can empathize with you and who understands what it takes emotionally to reach the particular goal.

Make sure the trainer you select to optimize your bodybuilding workouts believes in you. In fact, find one that believes anything is possible. Someone that verbally puts limits on your capabilities will negatively affect you psychologically... ultimately limiting your potential.

My goal has always been to gain crazy muscle mass. One of my first trainers asked me, before we began working together, what my goal was. I told him it was to be as big as him (around 260 pounds). He immediately responded without hesitation "You'll get there... It's just going to take some time". That's something that has stuck with me for years. At the time, what he said to me was a shock because I didn't think it was possible... seeing that I only weighed about 160 pounds. Today, I agree with what he had said back then and know that it was also necessary. He believed in me before I even believed in myself. Find yourself that type of trainer.

I personally train individuals locally in the greater Montreal area, QC (Canada), as well as online through Skype & e-mail. Click here for more information on hiring me as your bodybuilding workouts coach.

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