Bodybuilding Routines and Posing

Solid bodybuilding routines are important to the success of any bodybuilder. Having a defined, muscular physique isn't enough to win competitions. You have to know how to properly display that physique. And don't think you need some sort of loud, wacky posing routine to get noticed.

Most of the actual judging (and sometimes all of it) is done during what's called prejudging. It takes place a few hours before the final evening show. Regardless of what part of the competition is considered more important... when the spotlight is on you, the judges want to see basic poses that highlight your strong points and make your weak points look good as well.

A strong bodybuilding routine is one that makes you appear big and lean and is further enhanced when confidence is demonstrated. During the evening show especially, don't be afraid to make eye-contact with the judges and/or the crowd. Nerves affect everyone but it still shouldn't stop you from doing this. Of course, sometimes all those lights actually prevent you from seeing into the audience. In this situation, keep your head up and pretend you're looking at particular people in the crowd.

A great way of preventing the occurrence of stage-fright (if this is your first or one of your first competitions) is by showing up prepared. If you know you look good, and as a result feel great, then the battle is more than half-won. The competitors that are physically ready, meaning those that have all the aesthetic qualities that the judges are looking for, always get an incredible response by the audience (and most likely the judges as well) when they first walk on stage.

Use that feeling and go with it. The worst that could happen if you are noticeably nervous is get a low score by the judges. Just know that bodybuilding, being the tight-knit community that it is, is incredibly supportive of its athletes. From what I've seen, the spectators are always respectful... no matter the performance of a particular bodybuilder. They often cheer louder for the competitors that seem to lack confidence to encourage them. I've never seen this in any other sport.

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