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The bodybuilding documentary section of my website was created to educate, entertain, and inspire you. Whether you're looking for advice that could help you prepare for a bodybuilding show, or would simply like the extra motivation derived from viewing someone else's incredible transformation... this section of my website is for you. Click on any of the titles below for more information on the documentary as well as to watch it right away.

Most of these bodybuilding documentaries are not solely focused on the physical aspect of the sport. They offer a look into the lives of bodybuilders and how being involved in bodybuilding affects those around them, particularly family and friends. The struggles that the athletes go through are clearly shown in the films. Personally, I think that bodybuilding has to be the most difficult sport, because of the amount of around-the-clock discipline that's involved. Still, bodybuilding is worth it and, as 8-time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman once stated, it's just a matter of time before the world realizes how hard the athletes work and that they should be compensated for their efforts and the massive influence they have on virtually every other sport.

The following bodybuilding documentaries are classified into two groups: 'Full Length Bodybuilding Documentaries' and 'Documentary Movie Trailers'. I apologize for not being able to find the full length version of the movie trailers. NOTE: Many of you already know that I'm an advocate for natural training, however, I've chosen to also include films which don't highlight drug-free aspects of the sport. That said, each one offers a great viewing experience. Enjoy!

Full Length Bodybuilding Documentaries:

A Natural Journey
Afghan Muscles
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Pumping Iron
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Total Rebuild
Bigger Stronger Faster
Body of Work - Shawn Phillips
Bulk Up
Facing Goliath
Funny Bodybuilding Documentary
Natural Bodybuilding - A Story of a Natural Bodybuilder
Stronger - A Bodybuilding Documentary
The Battle for the Olympia 1999
The Battle for the Olympia 2000
More Coming Soon!

Documentary Movie Trailers:

Click here for documentary movie trailers.

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