Nutritional Body Cleanse System

Discover the benefits of a nutritional body cleanse. Are you struggling with weight loss and/or feel tired all the time? Or maybe you're frequently depressed and/or anxious? Whatever you're going through physiologically, I've got a solution I'd like for you to try out.

My Isagenix Story

My name is Mario Fanzolato and I'm the founder of this informative website. I'm also a natural-for-life bodybuilder & personal trainer who recently joined Isagenix as an independent associate because I was incredibly satisfied with their protein powder 'IsaPro' - which was recommended to me by a close friend & experienced nutritionist, who understood my intentions with finding the highest-grade supplements to complement my active lifestyle.

To maintain or increase muscle mass, it's important to take in good quality, lean sources of protein often throughout the day. Egg whites, chicken breast, and tuna are great examples, but when adding up all of your daily meals, preparation (and eating) could be very time-consuming. Their 'IsaLean' meal replacements have been providing me with all of the nutrients necessary to build muscle while staying lean (and even decreasing body fat).

These results have allowed me to cut down a little on the cardio, so as to free up some time which can now be used for doing other, more productive things. I use 'Ionix Suppreme' each morning, and that helps keep my mind clear and able to focus on (and carry out) my plans. And whenever I want more energy, I just add two scoops of 'Energenix' to purified water... and I'm good to go.

And now, a more personal side to the story. I've struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life. I began suffering from chronic lower back & abdominal pains since the age of about 19 (which was clearly due to stress). During these years of "trying to find myself", I did, indeed, find myself... and made a few other incredible discoveries as well.

These revelations are actually the foundation for this website. Through developing belief in myself and my dreams, I realized that I am in total control of my life, and, therefore, the outcome. I began training not only my mind, but my body as well. One of the discoveries I made was that the body and mind really do work hand-in-hand. To a certain extent, everything is one and the same. If the mind is healthy, then the body is healthy (and vice versa).

With this new-found knowledge, I began searching for ways to achieve optimal overall health. Although it was Isagenix's protein powder which first attracted me to their brand, I fortunately stumbled upon something much greater. Their whole-food supplements (entirely made up of 100% natural ingredients), when in conjunction, improve brain chemistry, and I've experienced it. I'm literally in a better mood when using the 'Athlete's Pak' on a daily basis, for example.

Isagenix has become recognized mostly for its complete nutritional body cleanse and fat burning system (which is NOT a simple colon cleanse, rather it's a full body cleanse that works at the cellular level). You won't lose muscle with any of their packs or individual products because Isagenix also specializes in replenishing the body with all of the essential nutrients & minerals. This particular body cleanse will help eliminate unhealthy toxins from your body; An important side-benefit to this is the releasing of unwanted body fat.

The liver produces fat cells to protect the inside of our body from chemical impurities. Most of us live in surroundings which are virtually saturated with these toxic elements, which is why obesity has become such a problem. Not only do toxins force the body to produce more fat... They get stored in these fat cells (which, as a result, become super-resistant to physical activity), and this makes burning fat nearly impossible. That's why many of us (who don't body cleanse through supplementation or the right combination of whole foods) can do 50 laps around the track three times per week, and still not lose a pound.

It's unfortunately difficult these days to completely avoid eating processed foods, breathing in polluted air, and so on... which makes it virtually impossible to avoid toxins. That's where the Isagenix 30-Day Program (or 9-Day Program) comes in. Common results are permanent fat loss, increased lean muscle mass, elevated energy levels, more endurance, etc.

To stay healthy and perform at your maximum, it's suggested to body cleanse regularly. Intermediate product packs like the 'Total Health and Wellness Pak' and 'Healthy Lifestyle Pak' are perfect for maintaining year-round results, between occasionally using the 30-day or 9-day body cleanse systems; Isagenix even offers kosher & diabetic product packs, as well as nutritional systems for children and the elderly.

At first glance, the products may seem a bit pricey, but keep in mind that, above all, they do work - And most of the product packs contain 'IsaLean' meal replacements, so you will definitely save on the cost of groceries. After trying out some of the products it came to no surprise to me that Isagenix has received thousands of testimonials from people who have changed their body and life for the better.

I have over 10 years of practical experience in the fields of health, fitness, & wellness, and could honestly say that the Isagenix products bring consistent results. They are the ONLY supplements that a person needs to achieve optimal physical and mental health. You can quote me on this.

Select your country from the list below (then click "Go") for more information on the Isagenix body cleanse (and other packs) and/or to make a purchase right away. Products are shipped directly to your front door via UPS, and are expected to be received within only 2 business days. The website you'll be re-directed to is my Isagenix independent associate website. I'm a licensed distributor, proud endorser, and regular user of these 100% natural nutritional supplements.

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It may interest you to know that Isagenix also offers a very lucrative business opportunity. Independent associates of Isagenix can earn passive, residual income simply by referring clients, co-workers, friends, family members and their website's online traffic (if available) to their own Isagenix turn-key website (included with membership). The quality of their products and service combined with the dozens of free sales tools they provide, is what makes Isagenix a leader in the network marketing industry.

Even if you aren't computer-savvy or comfortable promoting over the Internet, you can still use the timeless technique of word-of-mouth. Most of the company's top earners enjoy financial freedom, because they shared their personal success stories (with using the Isagenix body cleanse program) with individuals from their local community. In fact, many of them will tell you that once they experienced the positive physical/health changes... potential customers began contacting them.

If you sign up as an independent associate, your bottom line will be reflected by the passion, creativity, hard work, and dedication you put into promoting Isagenix. It's also worth mentioning that once signed up to the Isagenix business opportunity you will be able to purchase their products at wholesale prices.

If you'd like more information on this business opportunity, once again select your country of residence, except this time from the drop-down list just below. You'll be re-directed to a video summarizing the important points of Isagenix's vision of simultaneously creating health and financial freedom for the average person. And whenever you're ready to sign up, simply click on any of the blue "Sign Up and Save" buttons located on each page.

After clicking on the button, it'll yet again ask you to select your country of residence; For all options to display, click on "No thanks, please show me other options" - I recommend you go with 'Associate Account (Without Autoship)'; It's slightly more expensive (around $20 USD more per year) than the 'With Autoship' option... but at least there isn't the pressure of having to purchase products on a monthly basis, as is the case with the latter.

You'll be able to grow your business at your own pace, ordering products for yourself whenever you feel like doing so. Of course, like any good businessperson, you do eventually want to truly get to know and love the products. But with Isagenix, I could honestly say that this isn't difficult at all. I will mention that to make money in all of the different ways possible through Isagenix (thus maximizing your income potential), you need to either personally order OR sell through your website (at retail price), a single product pack (equivalent to 100 points) per month {More on the compensation plan}. All of the packs I mentioned above qualify for this, and product packs conveniently contain enough portions for 1 month of usage.

Whether you're interested in the products or both the products and the business opportunity, feel free to contact me anytime with related questions (before, during, or after purchasing and/or signing up as an associate). I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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