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Ideal Work Out Schedule

Following an organized work out schedule is just as important as having great exercises in your program. Find out how to create yours here. You'll be able to focus better throughout your training, save time, and achieve your goals faster without having to compensate other areas of your life. This article will help you create one suited to your needs.

As much as I like to simplify things, my intention is not to tell you exactly how to balance your work out schedule. I'll only offer a few suggestions, and then you could choose what fits best for you. Everything remains the same in terms of exercises for each muscle group. Only the way you spread out your muscle group and cardio workouts changes.

Since we all lead different lives, I recommend not overlooking the value in creating a work out schedule that's in harmony with your particular goals and background. The information in this guide offers points to consider for figuring out your ideal schedule, and is founded on 5 separate categories that most people fall into.

What's Your Lifestyle?

Choose the lifestyle that's most similar to yours:

  1. Lots of free time (and available 7 days per week)
  2. Student, possibly working a part-time job, busy but not many responsibilities, and active lifestyle
  3. Busy with job (working overtime regularly), possibly a part-time student, single
  4. Very busy, family (spouse, children), working overtime regularly, many home chores, highly stressed
  5. Competitive athlete (100% dedicated to a sport but still very busy with family, job, home, etc)

1. Lots Of Free Time

If you knew what the ultimate work out schedule looked like, would you follow it? You have the opportunity to turn your training into something great. You don't have to want to become a professional athlete; All I'm saying is that you have the chance to excel at something you're passionate about. Not many people are so lucky. Whoever falls in this category has no limits, and, therefore, shouldn't limit themselves.

2. Student With Part-Time Job

Select two weekdays for a cardio workout, but keep in mind that you don't have to do it at the gym. You can organize a soccer game instead, for example. This gives you a way of being with friends in the outdoors, and burning fat at the same time. You may want to keep your Wednesdays free from training altogether, so that you can devote one day in the middle of the week solely to studying. Sundays could be off as well, thus, available for your part-time job.

3. Busy With Career

If you are single and currently don't have much of a social life due to hectic work hours, I suggest you train often throughout the week. This will keep you in shape, reduce your stress levels, and drive your energy levels up. Also, training takes your mind off of your job, which actually helps you perform better when working. Structure your work out schedule to include no more than two muscle groups on a given day. Also, no two large muscle groups should be placed together, allowing you to keep your workouts short and focused.

4. Very Busy Lifestyle (Family, Work, etc)

Even with a busy, high-stress lifestyle, a good work out schedule can help you improve on your body, and not just maintain results. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, don't do cardio at the gym. If your workdays don't end too late, you can choose to go for a walk, or enjoy other activities with your family. If your workday ends very late, then take a long walk on your own after supper. Remember that it's all about balance, and that it is possible to regularly accomplish two tasks simultaneously.

5. Competitive Athlete (+ Family, Work, etc)

If you fall into this category, then you're probably busier than most people. Strangely enough, I would recommend the same work out schedule to follow as people with lots of free time. The reason is that competitive bodybuilders make it a point to be consistent with their training, no matter what. This, for me, would represent the ideal weekly plan in a perfect world, adjusted for the world we're currently living in; A relevant quote pertaining to this would be "We have to find the time to do the things we love". I know it's not easy, but it is possible. Begin to scrape away bad habits, and you'll see that it can be done.