Let go of personal resolutions in 2019. Make it a year for prioritizing those closest to you along with those you wish to serve. Get out of your head and into their hearts. Easier said than done? Most definitely.

The great majority of individuals would like to help out their friends and other loves ones whenever possible. We all know at least one person that's in dire need of a pick-me-up (and deserves it), yet more often than not we can't bring ourselves to offer a single hug, a smile, a something that will cheer them up - even if for a second. Why is that? It's most likely because we ourselves feel stuck in a vortex, in a rut.

In 2019, we turn things upside down, or right side up, rather. It's time to go against the flow we've been programmed to let carry us. Say "carry on" and then move on to another system, but not just any - the one and only that we're meant to take part in. It's the one that give us power, real power, not dollar bills or a false sense of control. Give in without wanting anything in return, anything aside from the ability to put others ahead of yourself.

Are you, yourself broken? Understand that this is a collective initiative. Everyone chips in or we all fall. So, if you're down, get up. Go out and treat the world kindly. Nobody seems to care? No problem. The few or many that need you will make themselves known. They'll show appreciation for your sacrifices... and they will reciprocate when they can. Is it worth it? What is worthwhile? Value can't be measured, but life does have a way of taking care of those that take care of others.

Be mindful but don't over-think. At some point, hopefully this year, you'll begin to do and not look back. Escape your prison. Get the heck out of there. People (your spouse, your children, your parents, your siblings, your colleagues, your peers, etc) are waiting for you. You have the ability to change attitudes, inspire healthy behaviors, open new doors - but this will only happen when you change. And when you do, you're ready to take action.

Why 2019? Because enough is enough. Look around you; look at yourself. Things aren't great. We're divided, inside and out. Material possessions, whether the pursuit, abundance, or lack thereof, are destroying you. The riches of our cultural background are disappearing while we're being detached from the people we've left them for. We train three or more days out of the week but forget to go outside for air and sun. You don't need to analyze these circumstances at a granular level. Just know that much of our grief stems from disconnection from the world around us.

There is a caveat to all of this. A key to sparking the flip. You need to be in a position to put others before yourself. If you're not, give yourself a leg up. Rest (well) for a few days, engage in activities that stimulate you, drink plenty of water, eat your fruits and vegetables, get that job that will offer you some peace of mind... whatever it takes to push your true perspective forward, so that energy flows through you and those you unconditionally affect. Don't let it die with you.