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Big Pecs in Five Minutes

Developing big pecs is easy, and you can do it by adding five extra minutes to your workouts. Have you ever wondered how some individuals have such an easy time developing big pecs, while others have tried everything in the book... and yet still yield fruitless results? Well, this article will give you some simple little tricks I used to break through my pigeon-chest plateau, and I'm certain that it'll do the same for you.

If you are training from home with limited equipment (or none at all), the easiest way to develop a nice wide, defined chest is by performing one set of push-ups (until failure, meaning until you reach the maximum number of repetitions you are capable of doing), six days per week. This is aside from the one full chest workout per week (where you'll include approximately three to five exercises). The number of repetitions will most likely increase every time you do the push-ups.

As you develop bigger pecs, that particular muscle group will demand more effort to maintain its size, and especially to grow. Of course, if you know your body extremely well, then you can shock the chest muscles by performing the push-ups in a slightly different way each time; The form should remain pretty much the same, but you can reduce or increase the speed of the reps.

You can also do stutters or oscillations, which are alternatives to increasing the number of reps or adding a weight on your back when performing the push-ups. This last one is definitely not suggested; If the weight is slightly off to one side, it can cause an imbalance in symmetry, and if it's too low on your back, then you're risking injury.

Something that was recommended to me, and luckily did the trick in developing big pecs was adding three sets of flat bench press at the beginning of each training day (with the exception of 'Chest' days, in which you'll follow your normal routine). Often, those who are relentlessly & almost obsessively pursuing big pecs, will complete two or even three full chest workouts in a single week. Personally, I think that unless you weigh more than 200 pounds of solid muscle... that's way too much training for one muscle group. One full chest workout per week (with the addition of the 3 sets of bench press included as part of your other workout days, which I just mentioned) is more than enough training to get you the results you're looking to achieve.

Too many full workouts takes quite a bit out of a muscle group, and sometimes this depletion of energy off-sets the benefits reaped from resistance training. This tip I just gave you offers the best of both worlds - one in which the chest has enough time to rest until the next big workout, while slowly improving the size of your pumps with the newly-added and frequent bench press sets. NOTE: Regardless of how many training days make up your workout schedule (whether it be three, four, five, or six), this tip will help you finally get those big pecs.